We provide Supplemental Preventative Health Management Plans to
large employers with significant tax incentives
Improving Health Helps Employees & Employers

Healthy employees are happier, more productive, and lead more satisfying lives. In addition to benefiting the employee these benefits also help employers. Despite all these benefits the United States is facing a crisis of unhealthy employees. Obesity rates continue to increase and the rate of diabetes in the nation is increasing along with it. Solving this problem is a win-win for both employees and employers.

Employee Health Management Plans

We Aggregate Best of Class Wellness Products & Combine
Them with Supplemental Preventative Health Insurance


Preventative Care

Prevent work disruptions before they start

Man Trying App

App Based Tracking

Monitor progress and easily see real results

Health Screening & Testing

Alert employees to health concerns early

Signing a Contract

Health Coaching

Work with proven techniques to better health


Insurance innovations have created new employee health options

Unlike self-funded wellness plans of the past, new Employee Health Management Plans are available which allow employers to afford real health plans for their employees. These plans include preventive care, telemedicine, health coaching, bio-metric screening, and a host of other ways to manage the health of your workforce.

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